Probiotic guide for Rescue Dog Owners

Hemp hip and joint chews

Hemp hip and joint chews

If you are familiar with the topic of immune health, you probably know that the majority of our immune system resides within the gut. Just like in humans, a dog’s gut is filled with immune cells and bacteria that fight to keep their digestive system and immune system in tip top shape. When the natural balance of the gut is thrown off for any reason, this can result in health complications that can disturb your pup’s daily life. 

Gracie To The Rescue knows how important it is for your dog to have a healthy immune system, and knows that probiotics have been used within human and veterinary medicine for good reason. In this article we’ll dive into the basic of probiotic use in dogs, and how our Probiotic Chews can help your furry friend feel their best. 

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can benefit a dog when administered in appropriate amounts. Probiotics are often packaged in tiny capsules or chews that hold the recommended amounts of helpful bacteria, and can assist the natural bacteria and immune cells that are already present in the body. 

When giving a dog daily probiotics, the healthy bacteria will constantly pass through their digestive system, allowing them to have a flow of digestive protection and assistance with their immune health. 

Hemp hip and joint chews

Why use probiotics in dogs?

Probiotics can be a wonderful addition to your dog’s daily routine. Since a dog’s gut and immune health is important for fighting off contagious disease and keeping their digestive system regulated, daily probiotics act as a powerful defense to possible illness. 

Probiotics are especially helpful for dogs that take daily medications or struggle with chronic illness, as the natural bacteria present in their body can easily be thrown off in these situations. Overall, probiotics are an easy way to give your pup the natural defense they need to stay healthy. 

Conditions in Dogs That Probiotics Benefit

Probiotics have been used to aid in support of several health conditions that dogs can struggle with. Some of the most common conditions that are known to be well managed with the use of probiotics include:

  • UTI’s & Urinary Health: Since dogs with chronic urinary tract infections and other urinary conditions are at risk of bacterial imbalance, probiotics can help to regulate the bacteria that’s present in the urinary tract. Daily probiotics can help to give them an extra defense against UTI’s. 
  • Immune Support:Since the gut is responsible for the majority of our immune support, daily probiotics can help to aid these immune cells and provide helpful bacteria to add to the fight. This can also increase your dog’s energy levels. 
  • Irritable Bowel Disease: Irritable bowel disease can can a large amount of inflammation in the GI tract. Due to this, it’s easy for a bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract to form. Probiotics can help to restore the healthy bacteria in the gut, as well as reduce inflammation due to the disease. 
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhea is often due to some kind of disturbance in the GI tract. Whether it’s due to bacteria, eating something they shouldn’t have, or any other gastrointestinal upset, the bacteria in their gut can be distrubed. Daily probiotics can help strengthen the defense in their gut, and help restore the bacterial imbalance that can be present due to the diarrhea. 
  • Skin conditions: Many dogs can experience skin irritation due to an overgrowth of yeast on the skin. Daily probiotics can help to restore the balance on the skin and reduce skin discomfort. 
Hemp hip and joint chews

The Beneficial Ingredients In Our Formula

Gracie To The Rescue Probiotic Chews have 4 billion CFU’s (colony forming units) in each serving. Our chews contain:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus brevis
  • Lactobacillus fermentum
  • Lactobacillus lactis

All of these agents work together to help strengthen your dog’s immune health, manage medical conditions that involve bacteria or inflammation, strengthen their gut health, and improve their overall health in several ways. 

Hemp hip and joint chews

The Benefits of the Gracie To The Rescue Probiotic Chews

Gracie To The Rescue Probiotic Chews have an effective combination of some of the most well known microbial agents that are known to promote gut and immune health. With each of these ingredients combined into one delicious chew, your dog will have everything they need in just one tasty serving each day. 

The Benefits of the Probiotic Chews include: 

  • Reduce gastrointestinal illnesses
  • Reduce gastrointestinal upset due to antibiotic use
  • Decrease the number of unfavorable bacteria in the colon
  • Relieve irritable bowel disease and the symptoms that come along with the condition
  • Regulate dogs that suffer from constipation
  • Minimize allergies by strengthening the immune system
  • Improve coat and skin health
  • Facilitate the removal of toxins by enhancing the digestive process
  • Reducing the duration of gastrointestinal upset

The Benefits of a daily probiotic for your dog are endless, and can bring your beloved companion the relief they seek in their day to day lives. If you think your dog is struggling due to bacterial imbalance, our Probiotic Chews are here to help!