Supporting Dog Rescues During The Pandemic

Supporting Dog Rescues During The Pandemic

Supporting Dog Rescues During The Pandemic

The current pandemic has had a massive impact on each of our lives. While we have all been affected in some way, those being hit the hardest are local dog rescues that are struggling to find support. 

In this article we’ll dive into a few ways that you can help your local dog rescues during quarantine, and help them come out of this situation stronger than before!


Supporting Dog Rescues During The Pandemic

Helping Local Rescues During Quarantine

Before the pandemic struck our country, local rescues relied heavily on outside support and volunteers. While most rescues are unable to accept any onsite help due to social distance orders, there are still a few ways to lend a hand to their pups and make a difference. 


With most shelters and rescues being closed temporarily to the public, fostering is more important now than ever. Rescue workers have seen an influx in surrendered animals due to the current struggles, so bringing a dog into your home to foster can help them make room for even more dogs that need help. Aside from how much you would help the rescue itself through fostering is how much value you can provide to the lucky pup that comes into your home. 

Fostering truly saves lives, and gives a dog an opportunity to have extra love and support while they wait for their forever home. During this time you can fine tune any minor behavioral issues and prepare them for life in a loving home. Fostering a dog will truly set them up for success!

Donating Supplies

Many rescues have been financially impacted during this time, meaning they may have had to scale back on some supplies. Consider asking your local shelter or rescue if they would benefit from any donated blankets, towels, dog bowls, toys, treats, food, etc. Donations like these can make a huge difference in a shelter/rescue dog’s life, and can make their days much more enjoyable with this added enrichment. 

Doggy Days Out

Many rescues have found a way to keep the community involved in rescue volunteering while still remaining at a safe distance. Many animal organizations are allowing volunteers to pick up their adoptable dogs for the day and take them out on a doggy day out! By simply bringing their pups to your car door while following safety protocol, you can easily accomplish a safe pick up and drop off. 

Whether you take a dog for the day or for the weekend, both you and the lucky pup are sure to have a blast. You can enjoy time spent at your local park, take a stroll through your neighborhood, or even have a weekend sleepover that’s filled with TLC. If your rescue offers this option, you should definitely consider it. 


Pet Transport 

Due to many rescues and shelters seeing an influx in animal surrenders, some rescues are asking for assistance with pet transport. Sometimes dogs in other cities or surrounding areas are in desperate need of a ride to another facility or foster home, and their future depends on having someone with the ability to transport them safely. 

Many rescues have been able to accept help with pet transport while still following safety guidelines. Pet transport is an incredible way to help a furry friend in need, and is often forgotten when it comes to animal volunteer opportunities. 

Helping Local Rescues After Quarantine

With many quarantine orders beginning to lift, it looks like volunteer opportunities with local dog rescues will kick back into gear again. Just in case you are unaware of the many ways you can help your local rescue hands on, here are a few ways to get involved once quarantine orders lift.  


Dog Walking

Though shelter and rescue workers try their best to give all their dogs as much attention as possible, they just can’t get to everyone each day. In order to help dogs release some pent up energy and practice their socialization skills, many organizations ask for volunteer dog walkers. 

As a volunteer dog walker you will take a dog out on a leash around the facility and let them blow off some steam! Dog walkers allow rescue pups to stretch their legs and release that anxious energy that comes along with staying at a rescue full time. This not only helps the dog mentally, but also makes them better candidates for adoption due to the extra socialization. 

Clean Up Volunteers

While it may be considered the hard work, clean up volunteers make a huge difference in a shelter or rescue facility. Full time employees often have their hands full with a number of tasks, meaning cleaning duties can be challenging to accomplish. By offering your helping hand and assisting in their daily sanitizing duties you can not only help the staff, but also keep the facility germ free for their current rescues. 

How To Make A Lasting Impact

The impact of the pandemic is sure to last long after our city’s quarantine orders have lifted. With so many incredible animal rescues actively trying to pick up the pieces and carry on with life, many of us wonder what we can do to really make a difference going forward. 

The most impactful ways that you can help your local rescues include:

  • Signing up as a foster
  • Spreading awareness & improving your rescue’s reach
  • Donating when possible & sharing any fundraisers
  • Organize your own fundraiser (can even be online)
  • Participating in rescue events (when they resume)
  • Adopting & encouraging others to adopt

Your local dog rescues will be immensely grateful for any assistance that you can offer. Our current reality may be challenging, but we can always help our favorite furry friends!