How to Find and Move into Your Dream Home as a Dog Owner

Best dog supplies

Best dog supplies

Moving is a huge venture, and adding a pup to the mix can make things more complicated. However, if you plan things out, you and your dog can have an easier time jumping the hurdles of home buying. Here are some things to think about before you dive into a new property.


The Perfect House

 This won’t just be a home for you, but to your furry friend as well, and their environmental needs must be taken into account. Properties may not have doggie showers installed, but you can look for homes with large yards that could accommodate one. You also need to think about safety as well as convenience. Depending on your breed, your dog may be known for jumping, but this can be dangerous in a busy area. While any potential property may have a six-foot-tall fence already, you shouldn’t discount ones that don’t.


Look at the Neighborhood and Beyond

You need to consider more than the house itself before you make an offer. For instance, how welcoming to dogs is the neighborhood in general? Typically, pup-friendly spaces will have plenty of pet-waste stations and nearby grooming studios, as well as vets, dog parks, and pet cafés. Given this, you may want to visit any potential neighborhood at different times and days to see how many people are walking pooches. You should also consider the city itself, as some have banned certain types of dogs. For larger breeds, check and double check city legislation to ensure your pup can safely live within its borders, as some areas have strict rules and may require you to rehome your dog or move. The more research you do, the better prepared you and your pup will be.


Plan for the Move Itself

 Even if you’re not moving far, taking a dog on a car trip can be troublesome, regardless of whether they love being a passenger. Some states require dogs to be restrained in a vehicle, while others are more lenient. Regardless, your pup is safest when secured during travel, especially if an accident occurs. That means you need a carrier or proper harnessing device for a larger dog to keep them protected. If you have to drive for hours or days, you should be prepared with the right supplies, such as a doggie water bowls, bedding (Kurgo has a great portable dog bed for around $65), and plenty of chow. Lastly, ensure any accommodation you use en route is pet-friendly, as you don’t want to end up sleeping in the car. Speaking of the car, a few Gracie To The Rescue Calming Treats can make the ride go smoother for a nervous paw-having passenger.


Moving Day Tips

No one wants to inflict stress on their pets, and we all want our furry friends to stay safe and calm during this transition. One way to ensure this is by keeping your dog confined to a crate or single room. Give them plenty of toys, and tell the movers not to go into your pet’s room — label it if possible. You can even eliminate the need of having movers in the house by renting a storage container and having it delivered to you. This way, you can pack your stuff on your own and let the company know when you’re ready for them to pick up the container and move it to the new house. Your dog is likely to feel more comfortable when it’s just you handling the packing. With your pet seen to and cared for, you can then give your full focus to moving itself.


Helping Your Pup Settle In

 Moving to a new house won’t be easy for Spot, so be extra patient, and do your best to stick to the schedule they know. Let your pooch look around the neighborhood at their own pace. If they want to stick close to home, allow them to do so to prevent further stress and anxiety. The best thing you can do for them is to be physically present by taking at least a week off from work to be there with them as they start their adjustment.


Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the task at hand. Prepare for the big day, and ensure Spot stays safe during the chaos. It’s intimidating, but buying a home should be an exciting time.


By: Cindy Aldridge 

Image courtesy of Pixabay