Thinking of Buying a dog? Read this first!

Thinking of Buying a dog?  Read this first!

If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, why not consider rescuing a pup instead of buying one? There are so many wonderful benefits when it comes to giving a dog in need their forever home.

First off, by saving an animal from a shelter or rescue group, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a huge difference in their life. You're also potentially saving them from being euthanized due to overcrowding at shelters. The joy and gratitude they give you is unlike any other feeling!

Second, adopted dogs often come with medical care already taken care of -- meaning that the costs associated with vaccinations, spaying and neutering are usually covered. This can save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills.

Third, a lot of rescue dogs already come housebroken and with basic training. And even if they don’t, most shelters offer classes that can help you learn how to train your pup -- priceless!

Finally, when you adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue organization, you get the opportunity to really bond with them. Unlike many pet stores where puppies are bred for sale, shelters give you time and space to get to know the dog before taking them home. This is beneficial because it gives you time to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and personality.


So next time you’re thinking about bringing a furry friend into your family -- consider rescuing one instead of buying one. You’ll be giving a dog in need the loving home and companionship they deserve, while at the same time getting the unconditional love you’ve been looking for!


And that's why rescuing a dog is better than buying one. So don't wait any longer - save a life today!